Boku Girl LiveTL Double-Header! Ch94/95

At long last I’m sure~ But we’ll knock out two chapters tonight, and most likely another Saturday, but don’t hold me to the Sat stuff just yet. Tonight @ 8pm CST!

In other news: Not only is a Mizuki scale figure in the works, but word popped up on the author’s Twitter that there is a full-color extra chapter in the latest issue of Miracle Jump! “Brown Bag” Chapter, if you get my drift. We’ll see if I can arrange for raws for that.


28 thoughts on “Boku Girl LiveTL Double-Header! Ch94/95

  1. Ackbar says:

    Starting bright and early!

  2. Mint says:

    How can i see your translations? ._.

  3. Jimmy says:

    The raws for chapter 97 are out:

  4. People suck. says:

    Hope everything’s okay, and that life is just hectic… which certainly happens. (^_^)/

  5. Jimmy says:

    Aereus might do another double live-TL, or when chapter 98 is out, a triple to catch up.

  6. Jimmy says:

    The raws for chapter 98 are out:


  7. Ackbar says:

    Aereus, we hope you’re okay.

  8. oob says:

    please be well, cool friend.

  9. People suck. says:

    Here’s hoping that life has just gotten really freakin’ weird on you, but everything’s going to be okay in the long term. Kanpai. (^_^)/

    I’m sure that the vast majority of us* would be glad, even if the news is that it’ll be weeks or longer before you can get back to Boku Girl… as long as it’s accompanied by the news that nothing terrible** has happened to you. Stay safe, and we’ll see you when life permits.

    * – Dear waste of oxygen: Fuck you, I’m not talking about you. Yes, we already know you only “wants my fapfap gimee fapfap”, but we don’t give a shit. The only thing you’ll accomplish by outing yourself as a small minority is humiliating your mother even more than your existence already does.

    ** – Unless, of course, a bored Norse god was wandering by and changed your gender. If that’s the case, please let me know before you announce it so I can start running out of the way of the stampede. (^_~)

  10. flaccid says:

    At least say something, man. It’s the 24 hour store, not the 35 day store.

  11. Jeff says:

    Any update plsss!!! 101 is out :(((

  12. People suck. says:

    1) It isn’t Aereus’ job (or even responsibility) to translate Japanese to English for us. We’re not entitled to one second of his time.

    2) If he’s okay, which I really hope, he’ll get back to us when he can. If one of us had to deal with a sudden job switch or a family emergency, we would do the same thing. Life happens, and no matter what the reason, he doesn’t need any justification at all to spend his time however he wants.

    3) Getting upset isn’t going to speed up the process. If I came back stressed out from dealing with a crisis, to see people getting butthurt because I’m not fulfilling their first-world wishes? I’d probably do a 180 and not come back… but then again, I’ve never been close to as nice a guy as Aereus.

    4) Worth repeating: It isn’t Aereus’ job (or even responsibility) to translate Japanese to English for us. He does it because he’s good-hearted enough to give his time to make people he’s never met happy, not because we think he should.

    5) Aereus: Whatever’s going on, we wish you the best of luck. Ganbatte. Fight-o, da yo. And all of that. (^_^)

    • David says:

      I’m just glad no other scanlation group has picked this one up yet. I like Aereus translations.

  13. Jeff says:

    fvck this is depressing :( , get well aereus!!! the joy of having the live tl, staying up all night while chatting with others, and even criticizing you when your late sometimes will stay with us forever we will be ready for your comeback!!!!

  14. flaccid says:

    Getting sniped sucks, but if you’re quitting you could at least say something, it’s been two months.

  15. robZ says:

    Hi Aereus…… How have you been?……. I’ve given birth……. She has your eyes & tattoo….The weather here @4ch is really nice…. we miss you…

  16. Kakun says:

    Aereuuuussss!! We miss you…

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