Boku Girl Chapter 93 LiveTL

YJ had another double issue, or maybe the series was just off a week again. At any rate, Ch93 came out ~5 days ago, and what a chapter it is! Some good Mizuki hnnnngh material, and the Habbening of Habbenings! To mark this auspicious occasion, we’ll start a bit earlier at 8pm CST on Wed Jan 27th~


5 thoughts on “Boku Girl Chapter 93 LiveTL

  1. Kakun says:

    Oh mai ga! Yes, I’ll be there. Thank you, Aereus!

  2. fama says:

    Great to gear that! thx for your job Aereus!

  3. Kakun says:

    Where are you Aereus? Are you OK? :S

  4. Sommion says:

    I hope the TL come out soon….i want to know what has make Loki so happy(and the 95 soon too…I hope that in the 95 will see at last the true form of that “shadow”)

  5. Person A says:

    Well that’s just great, the only person translating this manga only does it live. Dude, why not do full translations and help out everyone else who’s waiting on chapter 72

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