Boku Girl Chapter 92 LiveTL

I suppose an actual post would be helpful, wouldn’t it? Chapter 92 LiveTL will be tonight @ 10pm CST! The other week there was no new issue due to new years, so don’t worry we’re not behind or anything. Boku Girl has been serializing for 2 years now, so let’s keep the Softness going!


6 thoughts on “Boku Girl Chapter 92 LiveTL

  1. Jimmy says:


  2. People suck. says:

    Thank you, even if it is becoming more of a guerrilla translation thing. (^_~)

  3. Kakun says:

    Mizuki is the cutest I loved Mizuki’s reaction at the end.

  4. Boku George Foreman Grill says:

    Is the manga in a hiatus? It’s been quite sometime without any new chapter.

    • Aereus says:

      I’m not sure if there was more than one, but New Years involves a double issue of Young Jump. And then it skipped a week again.

  5. David says:

    … At the end of the chapter… is that…?

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