Boku Girl Chapter 91 LiveTL

Loki shenanigans continue with some semi-habbenings! LiveTL will be tonight Wed Dec 30th  (Pending work release, as usual) And don’t forget that Volume 8 came out a few weeks ago. Word is Vol 9 has also been penciled in for March 18th. I was kill, I’ll have to reschedule later, sorry. New time is tonight Sat at 10pm cst!


5 thoughts on “Boku Girl Chapter 91 LiveTL

  1. Jimmy says:

    I can’t find the Live TL link.

  2. Kage says:

    Wait? you were killed? Should I be breaking out the defibrillator and track you down to resuscitate you?

  3. People suck. says:

    Hope everything’s going okay… stay safe and sane, even if work and/or life are trying their best to achieve the opposite. (・_・‘)

  4. Benis says:

    Another late liveTL for 92?

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