Boku Girl Chapter 90 LiveTL

With gifts of Softness™ for all, the LiveTL will be happening tonight around 10pm CST. A veritable cornucopia for Loki fans and leg/thigh connoisseurs alike! Last night didn’t work out, so instead we will have a Merry Softness™ tonight the 24th @ 9pm CST. I’ll be expeditious this week so we wrap up (the Softness?) in a timely manner!


6 thoughts on “Boku Girl Chapter 90 LiveTL

  1. Jimmy says:

    Merry Softness!

  2. robZ says:

    Habbenings Holidays!

  3. People suck. says:

    Thank you for the early Christmas present – I’m kinda sad I have to work tonight, since it means I won’t be around when you get in and have a chance to start.

    From the sample, I wonder if our resident M-bird will be taking a spiked high heel to the rectum again.

  4. Yamada says:

    Exactly where do I go and watch it? Is it on this website?

  5. Ackbar says:

    Thanks again Aereus.

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