Boku Girl Chapter 89 LiveTL

Was a bit busy this week, so the LiveTL will happen on Wed night the 16th @ 9pm CST. Mai has plans for her… Waifu.

PS: Late announcement, but Volume 8 goes on sale in TWO DAYS! December 18th!



3 thoughts on “Boku Girl Chapter 89 LiveTL

  1. M00t says:

    >plans for her… Waifu
    Ohh shit, possible yuri?

    Will there be a christmas special? All I want for christmas is a Santa Mizuki.

    • Aereus says:

      Well I was making a pun on “Mai Waifu” but uhh yeah, if you didn’t already realize Mai is a raging lesbian then I dunno…

  2. robZ says:

    Thxs Aereus, that drawing!!…..say, a LT of #九零 on Dec 18 would b a nice treat too, (esp cause its my birthday)…what part of japan does softness occur ? ( shorts in Dec )

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