Boku Girl Chapter 84 LiveTL

Guess it’s gonna be a Spooky Looki LiveTL this week, as I have Sat night off so it will be Sat Oct 31st @ 9pm CDT! Which I guess is also a scant few hours before daylight savings, so be aware that next week times will be CST not CDT. Plan accordingly.

Boku Girl Chapter 81/82 LiveTL

Have to be brief, but the LiveTL for Ch81 will be tonight @ 10-11pm CDT!  Sat along with Chapter 82! Chapter 82 will then be Saturday night @ 9pm CDT. Ja ne.

EDIT: Sorry for letting people down tonight. 2 ppl were sick at work tonight, so I had to close and managed to forget my phone hence no way to update. We’ll do both on Sat as a doubleheader then, come hel, Japanese colds, or highwater induced by Norse trickster gods.