Boku Girl Ch72 LiveTL Status

Honto slacked on shipping, so it will be a few days yet. (It’s a nice chapter, so I don’t want to use the phonecam’d ones that cropped up knowing its in the mail already) Beyond that, I found a new raw provider, so LiveTLs should mostly happen on Thurs nights after this, or Sun night as the fallback. I’ll update this post with the time when I know more.

Chapter 71 LiveTL

As I mentioned in the last one, in order to catch up, LiveTL will be Thurs July 23rd @ 9pm CDT. Turns out Boku Girl was absent from Issue 33, so we didn’t fall behind as much as expected.

You’re also welcome to hang out in my IRC channel, as I’ll try to keep that topic up to date for LiveTLs and whatnot as well. #seizon @ rizon

Chapter 70 LiveTL

Seems raws cropped up for Chs 70 and 71 on Sen, so I’ll set the LiveTL time at 7pm CDT on Monday night and see if I have the focus to do both chapters. No promises. I do also have the 3 latest issues of YJ magazine coming to me, so 72 at least shouldn’t be delayed. Some people brought up using Patreon or tips to provide a consistent source going forward, so I’ll bring that up during the TL and see what people think.

LiveTL Update

No news is good news in the sense that I am bringing you news… that I still haven’t found Ch70 JP raws floating around yet. Anyone wanna help me summon Chinabro for help? Figure we may be able to contact that Alastor person on Baidu about JP raws since he used to post them every week until that [AA] group started making early scan releases in Chinese.